Coronavirus update: How to self-isolate in 5 steps

The NHS recently published on its website a set of practical procedures on how you can isolate yourself in case of possible or already confirmed case of infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Self-isolation occurs when you cannot leave your house due to a possible or already proven infection with the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This helps to prevent the virus from spreading to others. 

By determination of the British government, you must self-isolate if you 
  • had a positive coronavirus test, meaning you have coronavirus; 
  • have any of the symptoms of coronavirus such as high temperature, continuous cough or loss of smell and taste; 
  • live with someone who has tested positive or who has any of the symptoms of coronavirus; 
  • has had contact with someone outside your home who has a positive test or has any symptom of the virus or
  • has arrived in the United Kingdom from a country with high levels of COVID-19. 
Here are five simple steps as proposed by the NHS: 

  1. don't go to work, school or any public place. Work from home, whenever possible; 
  2. do not use public transport, not even taxi; 
  3. do not leave your house even for simply buy food or medicine. Place your order over the phone or ask someone to bring it to your home; 
  4. do not receive visitors in your home, even if they are friends or family. Allow only health workers when they come to take care of you;
  5. do not go out for sun bath or physical exercise. Do it at home. You can use the garden, if any.  

Finally, if you haven't already, tell your friends and family about your condition and try to get tested to see if you have the coronavirus as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE if you want to go for a test.

For more information on how to self-isolate, visit the NHS website.

Source: NHS


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